The Upper Hanover Authority is a Municipal Authority organized on September 13, 1971 by the Board of Supervisors of Upper Hanover Township under the enabling state legislation (Municipality Authorities Act of 1945).  The Authority is an "Operating Authority", the purpose of which is to finance, maintain and administer needed water and sewer facilities in Upper Hanover Township and Pennsburg Borough.  The construction of the facilities was financed by loans, grants, front foot assessments, and capital contributions from developers.  The Authority's current operations and debt service requirements are being provided for by water usage and sewer rental charges to the users of the collection system.

   FUN FACTS  AS OF 12/21/2021

  • TUHA has approximately 2841 customers for water and 1482 customers for sewer.
  •    The Authority’s water system consists of four wells with booster pumps and five storage tanks.  The Authority has a storage capacity of 1.1 million gallons per day and a daily use rate of 1.1 gpd.  The Authority’s system has approximately 377 fire hydrants and 36 miles of distribution line.  Water is treated with a sodium hypochlorite solution.  The Authority also purchases water from The Red Hill Water Company.
  • The Authority has two wastewater treatment facilities and three lift stations.  There are approximately 40 miles of PVC collection lines.  There is also 3.0 miles of forced main with approximately 50 grinder pumps.  The Authority maintains the grinder pumps on the system.  The Perkiomen treatment plant is used for pretreatment of industrial waste located in the industrial park.  The Authority has recently completed an upgrade to this plant to give it a design rating of 98,000 gpd.  The plant is currently operating at an average of 40,000 gpd.
  • The Macoby facility is a sequential batch reactor and effluent treatment is done with ultra-violet lighting.  The Macoby Creek wastewater treatment plant is a sequential batch plant.  It has a design rating of 450,000 gpd and has a daily treatment rate of near 150,000 gpd.  The Authority treats wastewater with liquid alum, and with ultra-violet light.  Effluent from the plant is discharged into a branch of the Perkiomen Creek.